Client having Botox injections

Here at AcuDerma, we offer a variety of treatment options to improve the signs of facial ageing such as lines and volume loss. Begin by arranging an initial consultation so that we can go through the products used, the process and expected results. A face to face consultation allows Dr Koh to assess your facial movements, expressions and profiles and target the areas which will give the greatest benefit. If you have a specific area of concern, please do highlight it to us during the consultation.

Alternatively, if you would just like a general chat to find out what might improve your overall appearance, we are more than happy to discuss and come up with a personalised plan. We aim to undertake a holistic approach when it comes to providing facial rejuvenation treatments, which focuses on optimal combination of products to create overall harmony of the face. 

During the consultation process, our clients will be fully informed of the procedure, including discussions about potiential risks before the treatment and you may have as much time as it is needed to decide. There are no obligations and conditions after the initial consultation. Your well-being and satisfaction is our greatest priority. We will give our open and honest advice and only act in your best interest.